Texas Police Dept. Responds To Incident Of Arresting War Veteran For “Rudely Displaying” Rifle

   We must admit that the title of the linked article is a bit misleading . The Temple police department refuses to comment on Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham’s case at this point , but the article is of great interest for the links to a systematic attempt on the part of the government to deny our veterans their 2nd amendment rights . 

For those that may have missed it here is the video that Sgt Grisham’s son shot of the arrest :







” TheBlaze has reported that the Temple Police Department, which arrested Grisham, is refusing to comment on what happened. TheBlaze also interviewed Justin Flint, an attorney who specializes in Texas gun law. Flint agreed that, looking at the video, it did not appear that Grisham had resisted the officer in any way. Texas allows concealed carry provided that the carrier shows the officer the weapon, identifies himself, and proves his right to concealed carry.  Additionally, Texas places no legal limitations on “carrying a long arm, a rifle, or a shotgun. . . .” Texas police, however, may disarm a person while they are questioning him, in order to ensure their own safety, provided that, unless they determine that the person carrying the weapon committed a crime, they return the weapon.



Taken in isolation, this could just be a bad luck story – with a single soldier having run afoul of an ill-informed or bad tempered police officer. What’s dismaying about Grisham’s story is the fact that there seems to be a concerted government attack against military personnel and veterans who carry guns.

Read more here about Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s claim that all veterans are dangerously mentally ill and cannot be armed; the Veterans Administrations’ letters to veterans threatening their weapons; and the recent revelation that the Veterans Administration is actively engaged in seizing veterans’ weapons.”