The Stories Of 2 Brothers Suspected In Bombing





” Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an amateur boxer with muscular arms and enough brio to arrive at a sparring session without protective gear. His younger brother Dzhokhar was popular in high school, won a city scholarship for college and liked to hang out with Russian friends off-campus.

Details of two lives, suddenly infamous, came to light Friday. Overnight, two men previously seen only in grainy camera images were revealed to be ethnic Chechen brothers suspected in a horrific act of terrorism. Tamerlan was dead; his 19-year-old brother would be captured after a furious manhunt that shut down much of Boston.

But the details of their lives shed precious little light on the most vexing question: Why would two brothers who came to America a decade ago turn on their adopted home with an attack on a cherished tradition, the Boston Marathon?


   It’s only the ingrained arrogance of Americans that causes the media to pose such a question . Why indeed would two brothers who have lived here for a decade ” turn on their adopted homeland? ” … You’ve got to be kidding . The answer lies in one simple word … Islam . The “religion” of Hatred .

   This story demonstrates that the radicalization of the followers of Allah (PBOH) can and does happen right here on our shores . These two came here as youngsters , lived among us and enjoyed the many freedoms this country has to offer and yet they still turned into Muslim killing machines .