The Latest Yahoo! Password Theft Scam


A phishing e-mail; this is NOT from British Telecom or Yahoo!




” The phishers and on-line scammers are getting both more sophisticated and more determined, but you can still stay one step ahead of them.

Which ISP do you use? I’m with British Telecom, the largest ISP in the UK. BT as it is known – sometimes affectionately, sometimes not so – has partnered with Yahoo! so my BT Yahoo! account has a nifty protection gimmick developed by the American giant, the sign-in seal. If you’re not with Yahoo! or are unfamiliar with the concept, basically you upload a photo, scan or screengrab of your choice to your account, and whenever you sign in, you will see that seal. If you don’t see it, you have arrived at a fake website and are in the process of being scammed. How likely is that? The sad answer is very; here is what happened to Yours Truly today.”