Missouri Senate Votes To Cut Revenue Dept. Funds Over Concealed Carry Conspiracy




” Following allegations that the Missouri Department of Revenue was handing over concealed carry permit information to the federal government, the state Senate on Monday opted to hit the agency where it really hurts: the wallet.

The Senate has approved a tentative budget plan – House Bill 8 – that would completely defund the DoR’s driver’s license bureau, which receives upwards of $3.5 million annually and employs 37 full-time workers.

Instead of the DoR being in charge of CCW permit issuance that authority would be handed over to the Missouri sheriffs, who already run the background checks for applicants.

Also on the chopping block are the Department of Public Safety, $20 million in funding, and the computer technology division of the state Office of Administration, $9 million in funding, because of their role in the controversy.