How To Protect Against Laptop Webcam Hacking



” Last week, a federal judge in Texas refused to authorize the government to hack a computer suspected of criminal use, including controlling the computer’s camera.  The government had sought a warrant to “surreptitiously install[] software designed not only to extract certain stored electronic records but also to generate user photographs and location information over a 30 day period.” Noting the high standards for a warrant for wiretaps and video surveillance under the federal rules and the Fourth Amendment, Judge Smith determined that the government had not met its burden.

Judge Smith looked carefully at the legal issues, but you can’t be sure that every judge will be familiar enough with the law and technology to stand up to overly broad government requests. At the same time, you may be concerned that malicious hackers or rogue government entities will take control over your camera. But you can protect against the effects of webcam hacking with a few easy steps.”