Facebook Blocks Video Of Woman’s Beheading By Husband For Infidelity



” Facebook often gets called out for blocking things that are socially appropriate or entirely legal, such as fairly discrete pictures of women breastfeeding or sites that support conservative candidates. It’s therefore hard to understand Facebook’s long, long pause before it finally agreed to block an extremely graphic video showing a woman being beheaded.

Facebook initially took no action on this gruesome video, which some sharers have described as “WIFE Gets Her HEAD CUT OFF For CHEATING *SMH* *share*.” Facebook’s first take on the matter was that the savage video does not violate Facebook’s terms and conditions.

When both The Blaze and Daily Kos agree on something, the wise corporation knows that it’s doing something very, very wrong. Facebook, after initially allowing a snuff film to be widely distributed on its site, finally wised up and decided to remove the video.  We applaud Facebook for acting on something that must offend every civilized instinct.  It’s not easy hosting a site that supports millions of people, all of whom have different standards of what is right.  Sometimes, though, something is so obviously wrong that it deserves to go — and go quickly too.”