Unannounced Live Shooter Drill At Ore. School Terrifies Teachers



Teachers were terrifed after two masked gunmen burst into the school



” Teachers at Oregon’s Pine Eagle Charter School were shocked when two masked men burst into the faculty meeting room last Friday and opened fire.

Luckily students were at home while only school staff attended the in-service day. The shooters turned out to be school employees shooting blank rounds to test the reaction from the 15 teachers present. The drill, which was planned ahead of time, was kept secret from all teachers on the receiving end.

The school’s principal Cammie DeCastro noted that “not many” of the 15 teachers in the meeting room would have survived according to The Oregonian.

Given what some feel is media fear-mongering after tragic incidents at schools, many would think school shootings are on the rise when they are actually not. Currently a child is three times more likely to be struck by lightning than witness a school shooting.”