Schumer Admits ObamaCare ‘Partly’ To Blame For Rising Premiums






” It’s been a bad week for ObamaCare. First, Harry Reid agreed with the legislation’s principle author, Max Baucus, in his grim assessment and promptly jumped on the ObamaCare train wreck bandwagon.

Now, Chuck Schumer, of all people, has admitted that ObamaCare is “partly” to blame for rising health insurance premiums. Here’s Schumer speaking with an NBC local affiliate in New York:

SCHUMER: Our insurance department is empowered to protect families and we’re going to watch them like a hawk to make sure they do. Because if they don’t, these rates could go through the roof.

REPORTER: Is it because of ObamaCare?

SCHUMER: It’s in part because of ObamaCare but health care costs have been going up by double digits for years and years and years. The good news is in this bill there’s a way to stop it.”