FBI Stops Terror Plot In Western Minnesota





” The FBI believes “a terror attack was disrupted” when authorities arrested a man after they converged on a mobile home in western Minnesota that contained Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms, the agency said Monday.

Buford Rogers, 24, was arrested Friday and charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He remains in federal custody and it is not clear if he has an attorney.” 




” In a news release Monday, the FBI said it believes “the lives of several local residents were potentially saved” by the search and arrest.

The agency said the terror plot was discovered through analysis of intelligence gathered by local, state and federal authorities.”




    Let us get this straight , The FBI arrests some hillbilly felon in a mobile home in some backwater town in western Minnesota , potentially saving “the lives of several local residents” and this constitutes a thwarted “terror” attack ?


     Are we to believe that every potential grudge , revenge or murder plot is now to be categorized as an incident of “terror” ? Can you say “battle-space preparation” ?