Alabama Supreme Court Reviews Shocking Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate Likely A Forgery


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” We’ve written here before that the cascade of lies coming out of Obama and his administration raises reasonable doubt about everything Obama and his supporters have told the American people since he first appeared on the national political scene. This makes the unanswered questions about Obama’s birth certificate fair game for renewed inquiry.  Kenyans like to boast that he’s a native son(although that could easily be wishful thinking), while the Attorney General has threatened politicians who have looked into the matter.

Despite Obama’s efforts to squash the topic, though, it just keeps popping right back up. The Supreme Court of Alabama currently has pending before it yet another case challenging Barack Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service (“draft”) card.

So far, courts have dismissed all of cases questioning Obama’s birth certificate. This one, however, might be different. First, the expert witnesses not only have top-tier law-enforcement credentials, they also have the power of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio behind them. That is, they’re not fringe people; they are credible law enforcement officers. Second, the chief justice at the Alabama Supreme Court is Roy Moore, is a strict constructionist who believes that the Constitution means what it says. The Constitution’s statement that the president must be a “natural born” citizen is a requirement, not a suggestion.”



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