A reader saw a post of ours regarding a woman who went undercover in Egypt to recover her kidnapped son and asked us for help . If anyone has information on this case perhaps you would help . Please read the post and decide for yourselves . We cannot attest to the veracity of these claims and present this information copied in it’s entirety from the site at the link . Feel free to pass this along and perhaps we can help reunite father and son .

Missing Child Updated May 11, 2013, 8:23 AM Blake Edward Cleveland, Missing, Abducted, Abused

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I have Full Physical and Legal Custody of Blake, he has been taken from me to a place that is very dangerous.
Watching the news and seeing the violence In Egypt, you must know the danger that exists there for Blake.

For simple clarification, Blake and all persons related to him are Citizens of  and born in the  United States of America and have no ties or marital relations in the Middle East.  

Why Jennifer fled this Country to Egypt is a mystery, as well as, all of the possible reasons why Jennifer fled.
Share this URL with all of your contacts and encourage them to do the same:
http://sites.google.com/site/blakeclevelandmissing12inms/If you would like to be kept up to speed, Send me a Friend Request on FaceBook or Follow me on Twitter.

Blake is listed on INTERPOL’S website as a missing person, arrangements have been made with to return Blake to the USA.
Jennifer has fled the with our son. They took off March-22-2012 and have evaded law enforcement and ignored the warrants for their arrest.
Jennifer also fled with her new husband Brandon Houff. 

Here you will find this basic information on a similar website for Arabic 




طفل مفقود بليك كليفلاند ‏١٣ عام جائزة مالي

ة ٦٠٠٠ جنيه


حياة بليك فى خطر طالما هو مع جينيفر


Help Find Blake T-S  




Before It’s News






Wanted by the State of Mississippi and the Justice Department for International Parental Kidnapping



Please contact anyone you know in Egypt or the Middle East and ask them to please help locate Blake

here are Three photos of  Blake Edward Cleveland

             Blake Edward Cleveland DOB 06/30/1999
If identified please call 911, Call your Local FBI or whatever Local Law Enforcement that is available to you as all law enforcement officials have an ORDER AND WRIT OF ASSISTANCE DIRECTING ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT to return the child to his Father William D. Cleveland.


                                                                           The Mother Jennifer Houff who is on the run from the law DOB march 16 1977 green eyes dyes her hair blond sometimes, she is about 5ft 5inchs tall and normally weighs about 110 -122 pounds

Jennifer’s LAST KNOWN address 308 LaSalle Court in Flowood, MS


 call MR. Cleveland at 601-265-1147

 Here are photos of the Kidnapper

there is a International Warrant for her arrest

Jennifer changes her looks often and may be wearing contacts to change her eye color, Jennifer changes her hair color the most, Jennifer can easily be spotted if she is bare footed her  big toe is unusually short and the rest of her toes are unusually longer than normal, she has an uncontrollable laugh when she is nervous.


Here is a photo of the Husband of the Kidnapper (He is with Jennifer and Blake and they are on the run from the LAW), his name is Brandon K. Houff his date of birth is January 26 1976
his eyes are blue, what is left of his hair is brown (he was wearing a glue on wig the last time I saw him) his height is 5ft 11inches, weight is about 185 pounds
my advice to you Brandon is to bring Blake to Law Enforcement and help save him from DANGER, allow Blake to have a future free from the type of life that you live with Jennifer