Travel Smart




” Summer vacation time is coming, and many of us will be traveling. So it’s a good time to remind ourselves that whenever we venture outside of our home states with our firearms, we expose ourselves to a multitude of laws, regulations, and even local city ordinances.

Whether we intend to carry a handgun or merely transport it in our vehicle, caution is the watchword. Remember the old legal axiom, “Ignorance of the law is never a defense.” This is doubly important when we are the “foreigners” in transit.”


    United States Concealed Carry Association offers tips on how to travel armed without falling prey to some of the very unfriendly gun laws present in some of the less enlightened states .


” Finally, be very wary of travel to or through states like Illinois, New York, and California that are extremely hostile to guns and gun owners. Horror stories abound of visitors imprisoned for violating some obscure rule. A particularly frightening New Jersey case is working its way to the Supreme Court as we speak.”