We are living in a police state … even now .

The Rio Norte Line

My wife and I were driving from Houston to my father-in-law’s place up in north Mississippi yesterday and listening to Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox/SirusXM. Mark Levin was on and The Daily Caller captures the quote that we talked about the rest of the way up I-55:

“I tell you what I make of this — we have the elements of a police state here, and I’m not overstating it,” Levin said. “When you step back and realize the Supreme Court the other day ruled 5-to-4 that law enforcement can take DNA from you even if you’re arrested — by the way, you’re arrested even when you’re stopped for a speeding ticket, and Scalia was right, concerned about a national database. That goes way over the line of our traditions.”

Levin is absolutely right…and as Joe pointed out in his last post, while Obama is ushering it along, this isn’t…

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