Why We Need The 2nd Amendment



Published on Dec 31, 2012

” If this video doesn’t explain to you why our founding fathers put the 2nd amendment in the constitution nothing will. The actions of the police in this video should make it clear we can’t depend on them to protect us. Let me quote Fidel Castro when we was trying to convince the Cuban people to let him disarm them. he said, “Guns, For What?” “We will protect you!” as soon as they had the guns Fidel Castro ordered his government to take total control of the country. The people quickly learned why he wanted to take the guns. don’t fool yourself into thinking it can’t happen here. Watch the video and you will see it already is. even the courts have ruled that the police are not required to protect us. As you see they have interpreted that and permission to abuse and murder us. Let your congressmen know, we need armed guards in the schools, not more gun control. We need the second amendment to protect ourselves from the government. that is what it was put there for, not for hunting or sporting. In fact you can’t even find the words hunting or sporting in the constitution.”