6 Reasons You Should, And Shouldn’t, Freak Out About The NSA Data-Mining



” 1. Unchecked surveillance threatens our democracy

Perhaps Americans are blasé about the NSA’s massive collection of our private data because President Obama, congressional leaders, and intelligence officials “insist that such surveillance is crucial to the nation’s antiterrorism efforts,” says The New York Times in an editorial. But that’s sets up a false choice between liberty and security, and “Americans should not be fooled.” The stakes are incredibly high.

The surreptitious collection of “metadata” — every bit of information about every phone call except the word-by-word content of conversations — fundamentally alters the relationship between individuals and their government…. The government’s capacity to build extensive, secret digital dossiers on such a mass scale is totally at odds with the vision and intention of the nation’s framers who crafted the Fourth Amendment precisely to outlaw indiscriminate searches that cast a wide net to see what can be caught. It also attacks First Amendment values of free speech and association.

In a democracy, people are entitled to know what techniques are being used by the government to spy on them, how the records are being held and for how long, who will have access to them, and the safeguards in place to prevent abuse…. Even if most Americans trust President Obama not to abuse their personal data, no one knows who will occupy the White House or lead intelligence operations in the future. [New York Times]


2. The NSA could come for you “



Read It all and forget about the alleged reasons you shouldn’t be upset . Outrage is the order of the day .