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Internet Campaign To Confuse Government Surveillance Systems Scheduled For June 12






” With word that the National Security Agency is snooping on the electronic communications of nearly everyone in the nation, some Internet users are preparing to strike back with “Operation Troll The NSA.”

The plan is to “test” the system by texting, emailing, and verbalizing keyword-like messages about terrorism in as many communications as possible on Wednesday, June 12 at 7PM EST.

A website was set up to inform denizens of the Internet of the project. “They say they don’t read or listen to the contents of our messages. Why not test it out? It’ll be fun,” the website says.”





” The creators have written a seemingly innocuous email about travel plans and work. But the thing is filled with key words that would catch filters built to search out terrorism.

The effort was started in reaction to revelations about the NSA’s massive spying on Americans as revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.”