NSA Will Declassify Some Information On Surveillance Program



” National Security Agency’s collection of phone and email data so they can show Americans it has helped stop terrorism.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, said Thursday he will put forward information as soon as next week, “that I think will allow the American public to better understand,” the NSA surveillance, which was leaked last week by a government contractor.

Rogers made the pledge after the head of the National Security Agency told lawmakers at a closed-door hearing that the government is not eavesdropping on America’s phone calls or reading their emails.”


The snooping did a great job in Boston and Ft Hood .


” Alexander said the NSA activities follow a strict “compliance regime” and are overseen by Congress, the Obama administration and the courts.”


    That’s confidence inspiring … the foxes minding the hen house . It’s a shame that all three branches of government have become so discredited through partisanship and corruption that the people can only view them all as adversaries as opposed to watchdogs .