Democratic Congressman: ‘Not Fair’ To Subject Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else

“Rep. John Larson (D., Conn.), is saying that “this is simply not fair” – as key staff members head for the exits to avoid Obamacare.

… many on Capitol Hill fear it could lead to a brain drain” and notes that “[t]he problem is far more acute in the House, where lawmakers and aides are generally younger and less wealthy.”

   Mr Larson , we are of the opinion that there is little brain to drain in Congress . Politics is a magnet for the mediocre and you are living proof . The truly smart excel in the real world and have no need of attaching themselves to the public teat .

” What? Obamacare disproportionally hurts those with lower incomes? It may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. We’ve known this since before the legislation even passed.

More to the point, why did Rep. Larson vote to impose on the country a health coverage system that “is simply not fair”?

We hope you and your fellow Reps and Senators choke on it . That will be “fair” .