America’s Gaudy ‘Palace of Versailles’ To Be Finished In 2015 After 11 YEARS Of Construction


Long-term project: The couple started building their mansion on a ten acre plot more than a decade ago


” The owners of America’s largest family home, the gold-encrusted ‘Palace Of Versailles’, have announced that it will finally be completed in 2015, after 11 years of construction.

Self-made billionaire David Siegel, told CNBC that he’s excited about moving into the property located in Windermere, Florida, although, if someone offered him enough money – $100 million to be exact – he might consider selling out.”




” However, his 47-year-old former beauty queen wife, Jackie, seemed distraught at the thought of letting her dream mansion go and jokingly interjected: ‘Or I could live there and you could sell your half right?’

Work stopped on the 90,000-square-foot build in 2009 after creditors went after Mr Siegel’s timeshare company, Westgate Resorts, but recommenced this year after business bounced back. 

Now the finish date is just two years away.”