Bloomberg Administration To Change The Way The City Calculates 911 Response Times


” The Bloomberg administration will announce today it is going to change the way it calculates response times to emergency 911 calls, The Post has learned.

Sources said Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway will tell a City Council hearing that the calls are going to be measured from the moment they are placed — not from when dispatchers send help.

The change had been demanded by the Uniformed Firefighters Association, which has been hammering the administration for allegedly fudging the numbers since 2009, when the NYPD took over all emergency-call functions.

Before then, fire calls were handled by both the FDNY and the NYPD.

“This is something we want and the public wants. It gives a complete time of the response to a 911 call for the first time ever,” an administration source told The Post.”



     Let us get this straight . For years now the city’s 911 response time has been calculated from the moment a unit has been dispatched and not when the citizen placed the call for help ? That’s effed up . Talk about CYA . Is it any wonder no one has any faith in government or the statistical hogwash it presents to bolster it’s alleged effectiveness ?

   Two cliches immediately spring to mind : ” Dial 911 and die” and ” When seconds count , the police are minutes away” But New Yorkers are not competent enough to own a gun . Go figure …