Peking To Paris Classic Car Rally 2013: Highs And Lows



” Michelle Jana Chan reflects on the highs and lows of her Peking-to-Paris Motor Challenge, as one of the world’s toughest classic car rallies reaches its end tomorrow.”




Scariest moment?

” I do not think I was ever scared for our safety but there were many times I was afraid for the well-being of Shiner, our 1940 Ford Coupe. The worst moment was on Day 6 (Ulaan Baatar to Bulgan, Mongolia) when we ended up driving through a marsh. We had to keep up our speed — to prevent us getting bogged down — but that meant violently porpoising for a hundred metres. We knew the suspension was being smashed to pieces — and we were right. That incident set us back from lead position to sixth yet we feel like we got off lightly.”



Friendliest people/crowd?

” Definitely the Russians. There was spontaneous cheering, thumbs-ups and blasts of car horns wherever we went.”