Horror At The Cirque du Soleil As Mother-Of-Two Performer Plunges 50ft To Her Death After Slipping Free Of Her Safety Wire During Final Scene Of Spectacular Las Vegas Show



” Paris-born mother-of-two Sarah Guyard-Guillot, 31, was pronounced dead late Saturday night after she slipped free from her safety wire during the performance. 

Witnesses said she was being hoisted up the side of the ‘vertical’ stage when she slipped and plummeted into an open pit below.” 




” Visitor Dan Mosqueda of Colorado Springs, who was watching the show, called Ka, at the MGM Grand, told the Las Vegas Sun: ‘Initially, a lot of people in the audience thought it was part of the [show]. 

‘But you could hear screaming, then groaning, and we could hear a female artist crying from the stage.’ “