Going Underground: The Huge Illegal Party Held In Abandoned Subway Station SEVEN STORIES Below The Streets Of New York City



The MTA have taken a dim view of the 'trespass'



” Before We Were Ghosts was a party, musical performance and act of civil disobedience that was underground in more ways than one.

The secret event took place to coincide with last month’s summer solstice and, according to Gothamist, was curated by event organizer, theater director and film maker Jeff Stark.

Around 150 guests were given very few details about the party before meeting up near a Brooklyn subway station before midnight.

An email invite just warned: ‘To remind you, this is an event with some legal and physical risks. If you are uncomfortable with these risks you should not attend. Really.’

The partygoers were then silently led to a open manhole cover that led to a cavernous abandoned subway station.

Once they had descended deep underground the attendees were treated to a candlelit party and two hours of music before silently shuffling up the ladders and back into the night.

But the MTA was not amused. A spokesman told the New York Daily News: ‘Trespassing in non-public areas… is a serious crime and has the potential to lead to injury. This incident has been passed on to the NYPD for investigation.’

These photographs were taken by Tod Seelie.”



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