Woman Who Said She Was Raped In 2001 By Sheldon Silver Aide Critical Of Latest Scandal



” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is coming under increasing fire for leaving top aide Bill Collins on the payroll despite his mishandling of another sexual harassment complaint.

Among those joining the fray Thursday was Elizabeth Crothers, the former Assembly legislative aide who in 2001 accused Silver’s then-chief counsel Michael Boxley of raping her.

Crothers said Collins further victimized her in 2003 when he sent a letter threatening to smear her in the press if she continued to speak out after a second staffer accused Boxley of rape.

Now, Collins is in hot water for allegedly covering up allegations made four years ago against Assemblyman Micah Kellner, a Manhattan Democrat, by a twenty-something woman who worked for him.

Aides to Silver, who vowed to make the Assembly a safer place for women, claim he acted swiftly by immediately referring the matter to the chamber’s Ethics Committee when he learned that Collins had failed to bring the Kellner matter to his attention four years ago. But he has offered no explanation for why Collins is still drawing his $145,000 salary.”

    Silver is a disgrace and it seems entirely likely that Mr Collins is offering himself up as a scapegoat to save Shelly “hushmoney” Silver’s career . A safer environment for women , indeed . 


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