Stealth Jets? Hypersonic Bombers? What’s Really Being Developed At The Military’s Most Famous Classified Base?


by DigitalGlobe
 Satellite imagery taken on January 17, 2006, of Area 51 reveals little. Base security
 personnel know when satellites are passing overhead, and test aircraft remain indoors at those times.
 Personnel work in windowless offices and are locked inside when anything other than their own project is 
 outdoors. DigitalGlobe




” All these events are linked. They are the visible signs of an invisible, parallel world within the universe of aerospace and defense: the classified, or “black,” world of secret military programs. Those unmarked 737s were ferrying employees to the flight-test center near Groom Lake, Nevada, known to the public as Area 51. The gray airplane is Polecat, a next-generation stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-Cappuccio’s video was his sly way of unveiling the program. Those earthquakes? Quite possibly sonic booms from a long-suspected hypersonic attack vehicle, a sleek aircraft that has consumed the imaginations of black-project enthusiasts and military analysts, including me, for two decades. Though seemingly dormant in recent years, the program appears to be on the move again, and with a renewed vigor that has me feeling, somewhat unsettlingly, a bit like the aerospace industry’s own Ahab.”