… But Are Going Anyway




” Remember how I wrote about the Million Muslim March here and here?  They’re going to march on September 11th (this week), because out of 365 days of the calendar year, they thought that marching on THAT day would be the best idea ever.

Yay for them.

Well, to show support for all the brave, selfless men and women who gave their lives on September 11th twelve years ago, about two million bikers decided they TOO would go to Washington D.C. on that same day.  You know, to peacefully assemble as well. 

Because bikers are kind of awesome like that.

But apparently the City of D.C. didn’t think that was a good idea, and so they denied the bikers a permit.

According to the 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page on September 6th:


Washington DC has DENIED our permit for a no-stop ride through Washington DC. We find this regretful for the residents and businesses of that great city, and humbly offer our apologies. What could have been a one or two hour ride through will now likely be an all day event. We will be obeying all laws. We will be stopping at all stoplights, stop signs, and yielding to all pedestrians.”





Graphic courtesy of   BUD PARRIOTT‏@THERKTMAN