“You’re A War Criminal!”






” “You’re a war criminal!” several students shouted as Petraeus walked down the street.

Patraeus, who recently quit his position at the CIA, took a job at CUNY in what some believe was an attempt to fix his poor public image. Patraeus immediately faced scrutiny after it was revealed that he would be earning an annual salary of $200,000. In an attempt to quell his critics, Patraeus later agreed to work for only $1 per year.

“Every class, David!” other students yelled, alluding to more protests.

Best known for his military role in Iraq and Afghanistan, Petraeus has become an increasingly controversial figure in recent years following several scandals. While the official narrative of his resignation at the CIA is said to be related to an extramarital affair, others have alluded that the move was part of a backroom deal to keep Petraeus from testifying about the CIA’s role in the Benghazi incident.

Petraeus’s long history as a Council on Foreign Relations member and frequent attendee of the annual Bildeberg Group conference provides an insight to where his allegiance lies. Earlier this year, Petraeus presented the Intrepid Freedom Award to noted war criminal Henry Kissinger, calling Kissinger his “friend and hero.