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Art Gallery Owner Decides To Make Free Speech Statement By Leaving Vandalized Obama Painting In Place


Defaced Obama painting


” For more than a year, the Brickhouse Art Gallery in Sacramento, California, has had its rooftop decorated with a large portrait of President Obama. Last week, however, as debate about U.S. involvement in Syria raged, vandals climbed up to the gallery roof and defaced the portrait. The President’s face is now obscured by a large circle with a line drawn through it (i.e., zero). Under that circle are the white-painted initials “NWO,” which stands for “New World Order,” followed by a red scrawl reading “No War.”

The gallery’s manager, Barbara Ranger, has decided to keep the defaced poster in place. “We will not have it removed simply because someone chose to disagree with the view of President Obama.” She intends for the defaced painting to remain there, both as a symbol of free speech and as a statement about the ugliness of vandalism. “I do not believe that you need to express that freedom [of speech] by destroying art.” “