Mystery Of The Massive Fire Which Ravaged St Louis – America’s Most Prosperous Ancient City




” A mysterious fire which destroyed North America’s greatest ancient civilization has led to fascinating discoveries about social tensions, violent tendencies and religious practices within the society.

The city of Cahokia, whose secrets lie underneath where St Louis, Missouri now stands, was ruined by a huge blaze around the year 1170 CE. 

Following the disaster, the Native American city changed dramatically – defense walls were built, buildings fortified and a sun symbol incorporated into designs. 

The significant changes have led to one nagging historical mystery – just how did the fire start?

Cahokia, pictured in this illustration, was originally a vast city encircled by 120 pyramids, stretches of farmland and wealthy communities. 

Those who built the model city were known as the Mound Builders because of the earthen structures similar to Mayan Temples.”