Harry Reid Forces Gov’t Shutdown, Ted Cruz Offers Salary To Charity



” As a result of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid‘s refusal to consider a single Republican plan to keep the government funded, federal agencies began to shut down for the first time in 17 years at midnight Monday. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on his Facebook page that if Reid forced a shutdown, he would donate his salary to charity for each day of the shutdown.

“If, however, Harry Reid forces a government shutdown, I intend to donate my salary to charity for each day the government is shut down,” he added “Elected leaders should not be treated better than the American people, which is precisely why hardworking Americans deserve the same Obamacare exception that President Obama has already granted Members of Congress.”

Even though the GOP-led House passed three resolutions keeping the government funded, Reid said in no uncertain terms it was “my way or the highway” on funding Obamacare. After 26 moderate Republicans voted to invoke cloture, Reid reinserted language funding the health care law and sent the measure back to the House making it clear he would not accept anything else. “