Awesome: Head Of Special Forces Answers 6-Year-Old Boy’s Ninjas Vs. SEALs Debate




” This is just a great little story. I can’t imagine how happy this kid was to get a response from Admiral McRaven.

Six-year-old Walker Greentree is a kid in a military family who needed an answer to the age old question, “who is quieter, a ninja or a Navy SEAL?”

He knew exactly who to ask!

From Blue Star Family:

One afternoon while playing with a friend in the yard, the young Greentree was scolded by his mother.  ”Be quiet like a SEAL,” said Vivian Greentree.  His friend immediately replied — as one would expect from a 7-year old. “Ninjas are quieter than SEALS.” And thus, a monumental argument began.  WHO is quieter? Ninjas or SEALS?  SEALS or Ninjas?

So in times like these, the younger Greentree wanted to ask the experts.   He wrote to Admiral William H. McRaven, a United States Navy admiral, and Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command. He’s a big deal.  And what happened next will go down in history and for Walker Greentree, it will be a moment he will never forget.”




See the Admiral’s response here