Will Los Angeles’s Welfare Community Riot If There Are Further EBT Outages?



Welfare Riots?



Many people think it’s no coincidence that a “glitch” with the computers managing “Electronic Benefit Transfer” cards (i.e., “EBT cards” or “Food Stamps”) occurred during the shutdown. They believe, instead, that the Obama administration was reminding the one-sixth of Americans that is dependent on government handouts for food that they better cast their votes for the political party that believes you should give a man fish forever, rather than teaching him out to fish and giving him the opportunity to do so. (That would be the Democrat party, of course.)


We here are not prone to believe in co-incidences .  While we are not so sure of the writer’s theory that the EBT glitches are a reminder to the people to support those who butter their bread we actually have to wonder if the purpose could be even more nefarious than that . 

   Could the alleged “glitches” have been a test on the part of the Obama government to see what kind of civil unrest they could generate with an innocent computer error ? Could they have been a trial run for generating an upcoming “crisis” that would “require” the State to step in and institute draconian laws in the interest of “protecting” the people ? If so it would be very much in keeping with the tenets of Brother Saul and his Alinskyites .


Power once gained is seldom relinquished