Daisy Coleman’s Friend Was Also Attacked That Night

Maryville Assault



” The second victim in the outrageous Missouri high school rape case has come forward, telling how she was sexually assaulted at the same time that her friend Daisy Coleman was being attacked in a nearby room by an older high school football player. 

The girl, who has only identified herself as Paige, said that she was with her friend when they went over to meet up with a group of boys but they fought back when the boys started to attack them. 

Paige, who was with Daisy on the night of the January 2012 attack, spoke about the attack for the first time on CNN tonight with her mother, Daisy, and Daisy’s mother all by her side. 

‘(Daisy) had texted Matt Barnett because Matt Barnett wanted to see her… so we snuck out and we got there and I was immediately separated from her and taken into another room and sexually assaulted after I said no and pushed him away,’ she told CNN’s Erin Burnett.”