School Suspends Student Indefinitely For A Drawing Of A Cartoon Bomb He Made At Home






” I don’t even know what to say about the following. Is there some sort of secret contest going on between administrators to see who can come up with the most ridiculous interpretation of their school’s zero-tolerance weapons policies? Do they meet annually to hand out awards and have a good laugh at their students’ expense? 

What else could explain this race to bottom, policy-wise? 

To date, students have been punished for the following “weapons”: pop tarts bitten into a gun-like shape, fingers folded into a gun-like shape, an ASL sign for a student’s own name being a gun-like shape, a drawing of a gun having a gun-like shape. And now, as if to indicate that the previous incidents were merely blips on the zero-tolerance-insanity radar, comes this story.

Parham said her son, Rhett, had made the hand-drawn picture of the bomb during the weekend at home. Parham said her son is a fan of the video game Bomber Man and drew the cartoon-ish like explosive. 

Parham said her son took the picture to Hillcrest Middle School, and that’s where problems arose. 

Parham said she was told that her son showed the picture to some older children, who reported him to school administration. She said her son was suspended indefinitely by the school.”

“They actually reiterated to me they knew he was non-violent,” said Parham. “They knew he was not actually having a bomb, creating or making a bomb. But that they could not go without making an example of him and take some type of action because they were worried about their perception. Perception is actually the word he used. Perception is reality, and parents might think you have a bomb or [might be] violent.”

” An administration so worried about “perception” that it suspends a child indefinitely solely to show it won’t tolerate any deviations from policy, no matter how slight, is an administration so weak it shouldn’t be entrusted with the care and education of children, especially children with additional needs. ”