Food Stamp Benefits Will Be Cut Just Before The Holidays




” A recession-era increase in food stamp benefits is set to expire Nov. 1, leaving millions of families struggling to keep food on the table as the holidays approach. And that may not be the last cut to vital food assistance programs they will face in coming months.

As NBC News reports, the decrease in benefits comes as lawmakers also are considering billions of dollars of additional cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which has served as a lifeline to millions of households struggling under a weak economy and high unemployment.

According to recent government data, 23 million households rely on the program to help feed their families. After the food stamp benefit increase expires, a family of four can expect to receive $36 less each month. As NBC notes, that translates to four fewer chickens every month.”


    There seems to be some disagreement as to how much the monthly reduction in SNAP benefits will be as the article and graph above attest .