Tennessee Cop Fired After Shooting, Pepper Spraying Squirrel


” Jody Putnam, a former police officer in Mountain City, Tenn., was fired after a violent run-in with an agitated squirrel.

Putnam arrived at Mountain City’s Dollar General when animal control was unavailable to respond to a call about a squirrel running amok in the store.

According to the city’s Tomahawk newspaper, Putnam tried to subdue the rodent with pepper spray. When that didn’t work, he pulled out his gun and shot the animal multiple times.

Property owner Carl Duffield offered a different version of the story, telling WJHL that Putnam fired his weapon multiple times inside the store.

“Shooting back there, of course that should not have been, that should not have happened,” Duffield said. Then Putnam pulled out his can of pepper spray — forcing customers out of the store.”


   The officer opens fire in the midst of a public venue and people wonder why he was fired ? The UPI article linked above claims that the officer was specifically called to deal the squirrel while the item below claims that the officer just happened to be in the store when the rodent entered and thus took it upon himself to blast the little creature to smithereens.

Cop Squirrel Fight? Police Officer Fired For Shooting At, Macing Squirrel In Tennessee Dollar Store



” Police documents have revealed that officer Jody Putnam was inside the store two weeks ago when a squirrel managed to wander inside. Employees were the first to spot the squirrel, but when Putnam saw the situation he decided to intervene. However, the methods he used have now cost him his job in the police force.

Putnam reportedly used extreme and excessive force to address the squirrel situation, allegedly discharging his firearm and shooting at the squirrel while inside the store.

However, unloading his gun did not appear to work, and so he turned to another close up weapon at his disposal – pepper spray. He allegedly started chasing the terrified squirrel around the store trying to discharge the pepper spray into its eyes. But again the squirrel was too quick for Putnam and he eventually gave up.”


     Even though there seems to be little doubt , whichever story strikes you , that the officer should have been fired , given that in both versions he seems to have shown exceedingly poor judgement in drawing and discharging his weapon repeatedly among a store full of innocent bystanders , the reality is that he was fired not for his stupidity but for his refusal to file the appropriate paperwork(report) about the incident .