Health Insurance Cancellation Notices Soar Above Obamacare Enrollment Rates





” Hundreds of thousands of Americans who purchase their own health insurance have received cancellation notices since August because the plans do not meet Obamacare’s requirements.

The number of cancellation notices greatly exceed the number of Obamacare enrollees.

Insurance carrier Florida Blue sent out 300,000 cancellation notices, or 80 percent of the entire state’s individual coverage policies, Kaiser Health News reports. California’s Kaiser Permanente canceled 160,000 plans — half of its insurance plans in the state — while Blue Shield of California sent 119,000 notices in mid-September alone.”


    No one can say exactly how great is the divide between new enrollments and cancellations because “the most open , honest and transparent administration” in our nation’s history refuses to release the success rates of new enrollments . Does anyone doubt that if the numbers were good Obama would be pounding his chest and bragging about how many lives have been bettered by HIS good work ?


” But it’s difficult to determine exactly how lopsided the rates of cancellations versus the rates of enrollment are — the Obama administration jealously guards the official enrollment numbers, refusing to release them to even the law’s loyal Democratic supporters.

Several states have released Obamacare enrollment data , however, revealing extremely low rates. South Dakota reported that only 23 people enrolled in the exchanges, a mere 0.0000276 percent of that state’s population. North Dakota enrolled only 20 residents.

Alaska, meanwhile, comes in at seven total enrollees, or 0.000957 percent of Alaskans.

Sources inside the Department of Health and Human Services told The Daily Mail that only 6,200 Americans signed up for coverage the day launched, while only 51,000 applied in the first week.”

     Remember those promises about openness , honesty and transparency ? Neither do we . Promises are nothing but empty words to the man from Kenya , Indonesia , Hawaii , Chicago , yeah that’s it , Chicago . Who can forget this whopper ? The one that sold suckered the public on Obamacare .



    Can you keep your plan ? Hundreds of thousands , soon to be millions , can’t , how about you ? How’s that for Hope & Change ?