Ted Cruz Goes On Offense




” Ted Cruz is unbowed.

The Texas Senator, speaking at The American Spectator’s annual Washington gala Wednesday evening, was nothing if not resolute in his attacks on the disaster that has become Obamacare.

“Should we have fought this fight?” he asked, his resounding yes coming by way of citing the differences between the way the disaster of Obamacare is perceived in Washington and out in the country. “If you get out of Washington there’s no ambiguity” on the question, Cruz said.

“This thing isn’t working. It is a disaster and a disaster that is hurting people right now…. On the merits Obamacare isn’t working.” 

Cruz came out swinging against his GOP Establishment critics in the Senate and elsewhere, and was fearless in taking on his critics. Saying among things that when his opponents in the GOP said their disagreement with him was on “tactics” — and he asked for their tactics — the response that came back was the sound of “crickets chirping.”

“I’m going to suggest to you that in my view that is just complete hogwash,” the Texas Senator added bluntly, turning the tables on his GOP Senate critics. He not only accused them of not knowing how to negotiate, he gestured to fellow guest Donald Trump — famously the author of The Art of the Deal — and backed up Trump’s point on the GOP Senate naysayers saying they needed to learn how to negotiate.

Yet again Cruz underlined the considerable difference between the GOP Establishment and Americans living Outside the Beltway — the very people who are getting hammered by the real world results of Obamacare.”



   Can we please have a party with some leaders ? Aren’t there at least a few hundred Cruz/Lee/Paul types out there that can help us turn the republican party into something other than the bend over and say “thank you sir , may I have another” party ?