Brazil’s Miss Bumbum Competition Rocked By Allegations Of Bribery After Rivals Accuse Contestants Of Paying Judges

Ms Amaral is on the left and Ms Sousa is on the right.

” An annual contest to find the sexiest bottom in Brazil has been rocked by scandal after two of the candidates were accused of bribing judges to rig the votes, it was reported today. 

Blonde beauties Mari Sousa, 25, and Eliana Amaral, 24, are among 15 finalists in the running to be crowned Miss Bumbum 2013.

The competition, which is in its third year, has a huge following in the country and around the world, and titleholders often go on to become national celebrities.”

   We apologize to our more prudish readers but we couldn’t resist putting up a post about Miss Bumbum just to tweek the feministas out there . For the open-minded , or lecherous among you there is a more revealing video below the fold .

” The owner of this year’s most beautiful backside was due to be crowned at a grand finale next month.

But the contest has been plunged into chaos after rivals accused Ms Sousa and Ms Amaral of paying thousands of pounds to the event’s judging panel for the right to come first and second.”