This Was Posted To Facebook By A Friend 



Fascist Insurance Co






Refrain between verses:
Liar, liar, pants on fire
Your nose is longer than a telephone wire

Ask me, Obama, why I’m sad
I’ve been on line and I know I’ve been had
Don’t tell me different, you knew it’s a lie
Keep my insurance, see how I cry

Why must you hurt me, what did I do?
Listen here, man, I voted for you
You made no effort to try to be true
My state will vote red, no longer blue…

If you keep on tellin’ me those lies
‘Bout saving money with my insurance buys
There’ll come a day I’ll be gone
To leave your Party, it won’t be long

When that day comes, don’t be mad
Be free of you, but I’ll still be sad
In spite of your cheatin’, press loves you so
They’ll be unhappy that I let you go”


     We don’t know much about this fabulous creation other than that it was posted to Facebook by a friend and the graphic seems to have originated at ClashDaily . A quick glance at their site garnered us no further information and we do not know if the poem is an original part of the graphic or something added by another artist . Either way , we thought it one of the most creative photoshops we’ve ever seen on the healthcare fiasco foisted on the nation by the democrats . Hope you enjoy .



   Update : We found it on the ClashDaily site and it does not contain the poetry , so that remains uncredited . Kudos to both artists anyway .