Sen. Mike Lee On “What’s Next For Conservatives”







     Below are just a few highlights to Sen Mike Lee’s recent address to the Heritage Foundation as provided by



” It has been quite a month in Washington.

It began with our effort to stop Obamacare — a goal that all Republicans share even if we have not always agreed about just how to pursue it. And it is ending with powerful practical proof of just why stopping Obamacare is so essential.

This law is unaffordable and unfair… and it’s getting worse all the time. As of today, President Obama’s policy is to fine any American who does not buy a product that his bungled website will not sell them.

And they call us unreasonable.”



Senator Lee is a man to be reckoned with .



” What do we do next, not only to stop Obamacare… but to advance a larger, positive vision of America, and craft a practical plan to get us there? What’s next for conservatives?

That is the question I would like to try to answer today.

One of conservatives’ defining virtues is our insistence on learning from history. And to help answer the question, “what’s next?,” I think the most instructive history that conservatives can learn from today is our own.”



    He understands better than most in the Republican party that the answers lie in the history of the party and the free exchange of ideas and not in some sort of revisionist theory that requires the right side of the aisle to engage in fratricide and play yes man to the left side all in a fruitless attempt to get the media to refrain from calling the conservatives names .


” In The Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk observed that “conservatives inherit from [Edmund] Burke a talent for re-expressing their convictions to fit the time.”

That is precisely what the conservatives of the late 1970s did. The ideas that defined and propelled the Reagan Revolution did not come down from a mountain etched in stone tablets.

They were forged in an open, roiling, diverse debate about how conservatism could truly meet the challenges of that day. That debate invited all conservatives and as we know, elevated the best.”



    As the struggle for the direction of the Republican party is played out , it’s comforting to know that at least a few of our duly elected officials “have a clue” even while admitting that the old guard remain clueless to all but how to get re-elected .



” Together, that generation of conservatives transformed a movement that was anti- statist, anti-communist, and anti-establishment… and made it pro-reform.

Contrary to the establishment’s complaints, conservatives in the late 1970s did not start a “civil war.” They started a (mostly) civil debate.

Because of that confident and deeply conservative choice – to argue rather than quarrel, to persuade rather than simply purge – the vanguards of the establishment never knew what hit them.

The bottom line was that in 1976, the conservative movement found a leader for the ages… yet it still failed.

By 1980, the movement had forged an agenda for its time… and only then did it succeed.

That, my fellow conservatives, is the lesson our generation must take from our movement’s “revolutionary era” – and the enormous and exhilarating challenge it presents to us today.”



   It is a strong , moving speech that shows Mike Lee to be a man to look to for the future of liberty , choice and sound policy . Read the whole thing .