The One Statistic The Media Won’t Report About That ‘Draconian’ Cut To The Food Stamps Program







” Over and over, the media will treat your eyes and ears to the cut in food stamps that will apparently throw America in a zombie apocalypse and destroy the entire galaxy. They love to repeat over and over the size of the cut to the program – $5 billion sure sounds like a lot.

In most of the news articles about the supposedly draconian cut, there’s little mention of the size of the budget, which seems to be pretty important context. In 2012, we spent $78,437,000,000 on the program, meaning that a $5 billion cut amounts to about 6.3%. Extrapolated for the growth in the program until June (the last month for which numbers are available), America will spend about $81 billion in 2013.”




   Since , as the government asserts , there is no inflation , there should be no harm in reducing food stamp funding back to 2011 levels … right ?



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