New York State Exposed: Is The SAFE Act Driving Businesses Out Of NY?

” Gun retailers and manufacturers say the SAFE Act is having a negative impact. 

Joseph Palumbo owns Albion Gun Shop in Albion. He says since the SAFE Act went into effect earlier this year, he has lost 40 to 50 percent of business.  He and his family have considered moving out of state.

Palumbo said, “I don’t want to leave, this is where I live, this is my home, but I have to do what I have to do to survive.”

Amanda Ciavarri asked, “What would you say to the hundreds of people who say hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs in upstate New York, have been lost because of the New York State SAFE Act? It’s driving gun retailers and gun manufacturers across the boarder to Pennsylvania.” 

Governor Cuomo said,  “I don’t think that’s correct on the facts.”

Cuomo’s main reason for the SAFE Act has been safety. But, is this the solution? A study from the  Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which aims at the reducing the threat of gun violence, says gun restrictions don’t necessarily prevent violence. The study suggests better policing and targeting certain areas works. The SAFE Act passed 43 to 18 in the New York Senate, but 52 counties including Monroe, Ontario, Wayne have passed resolutions opposing the SAFE Act. Ten counties have not.”

   As the above graph clearly shows , dangers of gun violence and murder in the New York is a myth . The crime rates have been plummeting even as gun ownership has skyrocketed , since Rudy Giuliani instituted the “broken windows” policy in the early nineties . The need for the government to ban legal firearms ownership is a misleading effort to consolidate power with the State and has nothing at all to do with “safety” .