Prison Justice: 23-Yr-Old Pedophile Gutted By Inmates After Bragging About His Crimes




” A 23 Year old prisoner has lost his life to prison justice. Like so many others, he found out that a different form of justice gets carried out by prison inmates in the cases involving women and children.

According to other prisoners, he bragged about his crimes when asked what he was in for. He detailed the raping of a 13-year-old girl who earned him his conviction, but he had been caught twice previously for sexual offenses including minors.

Two inmates  entered his cell on Saturday morning with prison shanks and confronted him. They proceeded to cut open his stomach and pull his internal organs out, leaving some of them lying on the cell floor to confirm his imminent death. After disemboweling him, the 23 and 32-year-old men who have not been named as of yet, cleaned up and went to breakfast! The un-named inmates turned themselves in to prison guards for the crime that had not yet been discovered after completing their meal.”


   The inmates did the country a favor . One less s***bag for the taxpayers to feed . Justice is sometimes served and even some of the most hardened criminals have limitations to what they find acceptable .

  Note: After the fact , we found that this story dates from 2011 but we’ve decided to post it anyway as it is a story of hope even as it is of brutality .