Boyle County Homeowner Detains Burglar Until Police Arrive; Officers Vocalize Importance Of Self-Protection





” A Burgin man got more than he bargained for when he broke into a home Sunday afternoon on Lancaster Road in Boyle County.

Eric Collins, 48, entered the home about 3 p.m. but, unfortunately, “he picked the wrong house,” said Boyle County Sheriff Marty Elliott.

The homeowner, Jesse Smith, is an outdoorsman and veteran who said he was considered an expert marksman when he was in the military.

Smith, who had been away from home Sunday, returned to find a truck belonging to Collins in the driveway.”


Not an uncommon story , you say . Well yes , it’s not except for the police response .


” “It’s important that (the homeowners) are comfortable with those weapons. It’s going to be a high-stress situation. You need to be comfortable and confident in using that firearm,” Gray said. Taking those classes, he explained, teach the user how to properly handle their weapon and how to become comfortable with that weapon. Without the confidence to use it, he noted, it won’t make a difference.”

People choosing to break into homes should be worried,  Smith said.”