” Tune-in tonight at 7/6c as the Homeward Bound Telethon on the Military Channel raises funds to support American veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI.

When they were called, they stepped up and served. Now it’s our turn to serve them.”





” Featuring, Co-host Connie Francis, Jason Gould, Kevin Spacey, Patti Austin, James Brolin, Jason Bateman, Ben Vereen, Michael Feinstein, Gloria Loring, Steve Tyrell, The American Military Spouses Choir, Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt.Ty Carter, Bette Midler, Henry Winkler, Mark Harmon and the cast of NCIS, Under the Streetlamp, Lou Diamond Phillips, The Temptations Review, and many veterans whose stories are both emotional and inspiring. “



Watch it tonight and offer whatever support that you can . If you are unable to watch you can still make a donation here .