What The Democrats Are Going To Do Now On Obamacare: A Peek




” Through a strange circumstance, this talking points memo was discovered.  Conservatives should NOT be surprised, but many likely will.  It is DEFINITELY a must read to get insight into the progressive mind.


Highlight The Successes

There ARE successes.  The website WAS launched on time.  Folks HAVE signed up.  Premiums HAVE gone down for some.  Quality HAS increased for many.  Coverage HAS been given to previously uninsured people(s).  These must be emphasized and restated.

Anecdotal stories are obviously the very best way to emphasize the triumphs.  If those stories can be retold in the presence of the actual individuals themselves, that is even better, so work hard to find one constituent story (or from neighboring/nearby districts/states).  Democrats tell GREAT story.  Republicans do NOT.  Use this to advantage.

Conservatives consider all successes in the context of costs or as the result of a trade-off, so make sure this is NOT done.  Not everything need be analyzed to the extreme of having to consider alternatives or additional consequences of a particular action or policy.  Good stuff has happened.  Period.”


Illustration by Gary Varvel