PS4 Midnight Launch Store Locations: Sony Announces Full List Of PlayStation 4 Events


Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)



” The PlayStation 4, aka the PS4, is set to launch on Nov. 15, and Sony is in quite the celebratory mood. In addition to daily PS4, game footage and feature updates, the company has announced a full list of participating midnight launch stores with special events planned for New York City and San Francisco.

According to Sony, Best Buy stores across America will participate in PS4 midnight launch events. The electronics retail giant set up a dedicated page for the event.

Best Buy advises individuals to show up early. It will process pre-orders and have a limited supply of PS4s available to purchase. According to a statement from Best Buy, most of their stores “will create two separate lines: one for pre-order customers and one for customers looking to purchase a console from the available limited quantities. Some stores may need to operate differently; however, all of our stores will be utilizing signage to manage their lines along with employee assistance to ensure everyone is aware of the process throughout the day. Stores will begin processing pre-order customers prior to processing any customers looking to purchase a console.”