Pelosi Taken Apart By David Gregory On False Obamacare Promises



    We have to give David Gregory some small measure of credit today . He took a very hard line on the “if you like it , you can keep it” meme that the Dem’s have been singing from the rooftops for the past three years and pushed , pulled and prodded Nancy Pelosi in an effort to get her to own up to the lie , all to no avail . Ms Pelosi was the obstinate denier to the end , employing every verbal contortion imaginable … she comes off as nothing more than a little Goebbels … ” if I just keep repeating it long enough maybe someone will believe me” . What arrogance , what hypocrisy .

    One was left with the impression that even Gregory wanted to reach across the table , grab the little fabricator by the throat and call her a liar . We know that was how we felt .