Puppycide Documentary Moves Forward




” Thousands of family dogs are shot by law enforcement each year. A documentary now being assembled tries to find out why. You can watch the trailer above.

Some readers may be familiar with Cheye Calvo, the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland. Police raided his home when they discovered that a large package of marijuana in transit was addressed to Calvo’s wife. The package, meant for someone else, led police to execute a SWAT raid during which they shot the family’s dogs, Payton and ChasePuppycide is a feature-length documentary that attempts to capture both the impact on traumatized families and the rationales offered by police.”


   Are you a dog owner ? Don’t let the cops near your house then . They are liable to shoot first and ask questions never . If you can spare the money please contribute to the “Puppycide” Kickstarter campaign .

   It appears that the funding goal was not reached and so the producers will need to start over as Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising tool . Hopefully they have figured another way to get the necessary funds . We will try to keep our readers posted on new developments in hopes of seeing this documentary to it’s successful conclusion . 

   Here is a synopsis from the Kickstarter page regarding “Puppycide” 



” Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement. Help us tell their stories.

PUPPYCIDE is a feature length documentary that takes a journey with victims of puppycide, the dogs and their owners. From the moment they meet and seal their emotional bonds to the excruciating trauma of loss, we follow the dog owners’ battles for justice with police culture and the legal system, both of which treat puppycides as acceptable collateral damage.”



Justice For Dogs



“When we first learned about puppycide, we assumed that these must be cases of police responding to threats on their lives from dogs trained to attack by criminal owners. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We found scores of videos and news stories about dogs who were laying down, tails wagging, even running away but still shot by officers who used lethal force as their first and only response. 

We were very upset by the footage and stories and felt a documentary on the topic was in need. We took our cameras on the road, reaching out to victims and capturing their experiences.

We also began exploring the police perspective, which is a vital part of this story. While some incidents involve callous officers too quick with the trigger, we found the issue is much bigger than that. The lack of repercussions, policy changes, new equipment, or apologies, demonstrate how systemic this problem is. Experts have explained in interviews how police officers are not currently offered the simple training, tools, and support they need to change.

We’ve found countless people who don’t know puppycide is going on and wish to know more about it. That is why we feel this documentary is so important, and why we need your help to tell these tragic stories in a feature length documentary so that PUPPYCIDE can reach the masses.”


Infographic from PetsAdvisor.com



    You can find out more about this heinous practice and see hundreds of dogs slaughtered by police at the Facebook page : Dogs Shot by Police and here is the Facebook page for “Puppycide” . See also the FB page Justice For Cisco .

   Where are the animal rights activists on this horrendous practice ? Are they only interested in animal abuse that is not state-sponsored ? The silence is deafening .